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Arlene Normand, the Rose Bay based dietitian/nutritionist, has built a strong business over ten years dealing with thousands of clients from all walks of life with a common goal - to lose and maintain weight loss.

She would now like to share her knowledge and secrets of success on both weight loss and healthy eating habits with you.

Arlene Normand will answer your questions about everything to do with food, nutrition and diet. She will focus on advice for people with high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and other associated conditions.

"Most of the health problems I see - like high blood pressure - are linked to obesity, so getting the weight off and increasing the levels of activity are really important," she says.

Arlene Normand arrived in Sydney from South Africa and completed a Master's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sydney, and a practical course at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Increasingly Arlene Normand is seeing more and more overweight children. "I'm finding a lot of young people these days don't get out and play games in the garden or the neighbourhood. They spend hours in front of the TV or the computer screen and, unfortunately, they do a lot of eating at the same time. Most snack foods are high in fat, and the weight just keeps going up.

"The fast pace of family life - with two parent working - is also having an impact on healthy eating. People are eating more and more takeaway meals and are also eating enormous portions. Look at how huge muffins are getting now! When we used to come home from school and have a cup cake for afternoon tea, it was tiny compared to the blueberry or choc chip muffins of today! Even salads come in huge servings. What was once a family-sized salad is now presented as a single serve. It appears that Australian meals are following the American trend of 'bigger is better', rather than the French way of small portions with a variety of flavours. If you continue presenting huge meals, the mind accepts this as normal, and expects large quantities every time you sit down to eat".

Arlene Normand is also concerned about the preparation of food for school lunches - "Chocolates and chips used to be a treat. I have nothing against them, but they are now regularly put into lunch boxes instead of fruit, healthy sandwiches or rolls".

Apart from watching what we put in our mouths, Arlene Normand watches what we do with the fuel. "One thing I've done with my clients is get them interested in exercise and being active. You don't need to buy expensive equipment - just walk out the front door".

For a personal consultation with Arlene, please feel free to call or email.
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